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Step 1

Register an account with the official LTO web wallet at

Once you have registered an account send your LTO to its associated address. If you purchased LTO from an exchange, you will have to convert the ERC20 token, which resides on the Ethereum network, to the LTO main network using the Toll Bridge in the LTO web wallet.

Step 2

Navigate to the leasing section in the LTO web wallet.

Head over to Leasing in the navigation in the LTO web wallet and click the purple button Start lease on the right.

Step 3

Initiate the lease to 3JexCgRXGFUiuNoJTkkWucSumteRWdb8kKU

Choose the amount you want to lease. The more you stake, the higher the returns. The recipient address must be 3JexCgRXGFUiuNoJTkkWucSumteRWdb8kKU. Your lease will get activated within a minute (1000 blocks LTO Network requirement does not apply here). You can view the height you started your lease at by looking up your address on the homepage. We will also post on Twitter once the lease is recorded in our system with @ltoservice.